Covenant Theology Orlando FL

covenant theologyHave you ever wondered about covenant theology? Orlando, FL Bible schools currently teach this branch of theology as part of their curriculum. Covenant theology in Orlando, FL, looks at the scripture through the lens of God’s promises to man.

According to covenant theology, Orlando, FL believers like you can be sure of your salvation. From the covenant of works to the covenant of grace, God’s promises can be fully understood by studying covenant theology in Orlando, FL.

Ultimately, one can have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God by understanding each of His promises. Take the time to get to know Him through His words. Learn more about the significance of covenant theology for Orlando, FL Christians.

Importance of Studying Covenant Theology for Orlando, FL Theology Students

Students of the Bible need to learn more about covenant theology in Orlando, FL seminary schools as it describes the believer's role within their personal relationships with God. This type of theology highlights the significance of Christ’s death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection.

The course also includes other covenants by God that are fulfilled throughout the scripture. Here are more reasons theology majors and Bible students need to learn covenant theology in Orlando, FL by heart.

Studying Covenant Theology in Orlando, FL Reassures You of Your Salvation

Covenant theology in Orlando, FL helps explain the certainty any believer should have about being saved by Jesus Christ. Through covenant theology, Orlando, FL Bible readers can know that God’s promises are always true and trustworthy.

When you study covenant theology in Orlando, FL, you can also feel the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice. When He died on the cross to save us from our sins, its everlasting effect helps any believer feel more secure about salvation. 

Understanding Covenant Theology in Orlando, FL Helps You Mature Spiritually

Believers who study covenant theology in Orlando, FL can find that by reading biblical passages, they can grow in spiritual maturity. A mature Bible student of covenant theology in Orlando, FL can be at peace and secure in their trust in God. 

Additionally, covenant theology in Orlando, FL highlights the life and grace of Jesus. His words and actions reflect God’s promises to those who know Him. Believers may further mature as they devote their lives to following in His footsteps.

Learning Covenant Theology in Orlando, FL Allows You to Appreciate Christian Traditions

The significance of practicing communion and public water baptisms are discussed under covenant theology in Orlando, FL Bible schools. Communion is a reminder of Christ’s last supper and His promise to be one with those who believe in Him.

Meanwhile, water baptism is a type of public declaration under covenant theology for Orlando, FL believers. In accordance with covenant theology, Orlando, FL Christians are submerged in water and pulled out to symbolize the death of their old self and emergence of new life as they follow Jesus.

Mastering Covenant Theology in Orlando, FL Helps You Better Understand the Bible

Having a deep understanding of covenant theology, Orlando, FL Bible students will have a better perspective of the scripture. Readers may refer to the teachings on covenant theology in Orlando, FL to see the overarching theme of the Bible.

Through the lens of covenant theology, Orlando, FL Bible students may grasp the concept that, although man continues to fail, Jesus Himself rescues us every single time. This pattern noticeably continues throughout the scripture from cover to cover.

Delve Deeper into Covenant Theology in Orlando, FL

The Christian life thrives as a believer’s relationship with Jesus deepens. Delving into covenant theology, Orlando, FL Bible students like you will be able to learn more about God, His magnificent promises, and His true character.

A greater level of intimacy comes from knowing more about Jesus. Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology offers Bible-based curriculums that will be sure to help you grow in your faith. Contact us today for more information.

Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology: Sharing the Word of God

On September 4, 2007, the Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology (PTI-NCT) started its night classes in Colorado Springs. We offered a full curriculum for our classes except for the Biblical Languages, which was introduced in 2007. Six years later, in 2013, our classes transitioned to an online curriculum until the seminary moved to Franklin, TN in 2015.

The seminary closed as an educational institution in the late fall of 2016 due to various reasons. However, this did not stop us from teaching, disseminating, and defending the New Covenant Theology. To accomplish our goals, we dedicated ourselves to the following spiritual activities:

  • Conducting annual conferences
  • Making seminary’s resources available
  • Publishing theological journals
  • Utilizing podcasts and blogs to spread the Gospel

The Mission Statement of Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology

As a Christian organization, Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology aims to advance the Kingdom of God here on Earth. One way to reach this is by sharing the Gospel with other people.

Aside from our general goal, we also strive to achieve more definite objectives. These include:

  • Promoting unity between the advocates of the New Covenant Theology
  • Helping restore the relationship of different churches, the Body of Christ, by eliminating the existing doctrinal divisions
  • Promoting the Cross Theatre, which depicts God’s unconditional love for us when He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ

The Doctrinal Distinctives of Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology

New Covenant Theology

This theological system emphasizes Jesus Christ as the nexus and climax of God’s plan. The NCT explains that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ revokes the commandments of God from the Old Testament, and there is a new covenant made between God and man.

The New Covenant Theology focuses on the covenants made by God to save all believers, granting them full forgiveness from all sins. The coming of Jesus Christ is the center of God's plan to redeem human beings from eternal death.

Jesus made the greatest sacrifice by dying on the cross of Calvary. Through His blood, our sins are washed away, and we are made righteous in the eyes of God.

Doctrines of Grace

This emphasizes the truth that our salvation comes from the Lord alone and not based on our works. We have no contribution to our salvation; everything is because of His grace and love for us.

Through the grace of God, we are saved from being bound to eternal death. The truth of our salvation is summarized in the Doctrines of Grace, which are:

  • Total Depravity 
  • Unconditional Election
  • Definite Atonement
  • Effectual Calling
  • Preserving Grace

Baptist Ecclesiology

The hand cannot survive if it is detached from the body. Likewise, we are unable to endure if we are not connected to the body of Christ—the church. Baptist Ecclesiology teaches us the importance of the nature and structure of the Christian church. 

The Great Commandment

The Bible teaches us two of the greatest commandments: to love God and to love people. This is the doctrine that the church needs to hear and obey.

In 2 Timothy 2:15, Timothy was charged by Apostle Paul to “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth.” Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology adopted this Great Commission of expanding the ministry of Christ.

To enlarge the territory of Christ on Earth, PTI-NCT is partnering with different organizations that have the same vision of faith. This is a vital step in reaching more and more people as we share the Word of God. 

Get in Touch With Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology

Strengthen your relationship with God by staying connected with His people and meditating on His Word. Providence Theological Institute of New Covenant Theology has journals, podcasts, and blogs that you can use as resources to hear the Gospel.

If you have any inquiries regarding our upcoming events or want to give donations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact PTI-NCT today!